Vietnamese Style Sandwich: BanhMi


Thinking of Vietnam as a burgeoning hotspot in Asian tourism, there are a few things that comes to mind. Foremost is the combination of Vietnamese caves, forests, temples and other tourist spots seated on this tropical paradise. This setting, with a rich integration of culture manifesting itself through Vietnamese stereotypes, for instance, people wearing farmer hats, “Asian” features, attires, and the like, attracts tourists from all walks of life.

But this is limited to the tourism aspect of Vietnam.So now, another thing of equal (if not all the more attractive) importance to Vietnam arises: Food.

The Vietnam cuisine, suffice it to say, is popular. People see this in all forms of mass media, like the internet, television and even travel magazines. In the stated forms of mass media, the staple pho is never absent. And with this iconic food, there are also occasional mentions of cakho to, banhseo, canh, bun cha, goicuon, among other Vietnamese foods that are rice-based. But for purposes of this discussion, let us delve into something that arguably transcends Vietnamese cuisine as we know it.

Meet TheBanhMi

BanhMi, generally, is currently enjoying a respectable amount of hype because of its uniqueness in terms of general appearance and genuine Asian flavor. BanhMis are also known as Vietnamese style sandwiches made of baguette, various fillings and flavorings. Its popularity has made it available in other countries. For example, you can now easily find BanhMiin Singapore. There is no need to fly to Vietnam to get a taste of this great dish.

How Is It Made

BanhMi starts with the creation of a baguette with a touch of rice flour. The addition of rice flour is not only for the reason that Vietnam is rich in rice, but also for the purpose of making the baguette crackly and maintain a very light interior. Note must be taken that this is a crucial part in BanhMi making because it literally makes – or breaks – the Banh Mi.

Now, with a decent baguette, every BanhMi is then blessed with various foodstuffs that makes it even more Vietnamese. Perhaps the most popular stuffing is the combination of meat belly, coriander, peppers, among other locally grown Vietnamese spices and vegetables. When we say pepper, we really mean a lot of pepper. Steaming, hot and tasty pepper.

In lieu of the meat being the protein aspect of the BanhMi, other people can opt to put shrimps, ham, sausages, or even go for a purely vegetable-based Banh Mi. There is no hard and fast rule in constructing a “perfect” Banh Mi. So as long as it maintains the combination of the Vietnamese-spice taste with the texture of the baguette, your BanhMi is definitely a Banh Mi.

A Little Bit Of History

The baguette serves as the centerpiece or catalyst in every Banh Mi. It must be crusty on the outside with the heavenly softness inside to be a trueBanh Mi. The reason behind the baguette’s indispensability to the BanhMi is rooted from the colonization of France over Vietnam. Having ruled the country for a good period of time, French soldiers ate and of course introduced the baguette to the Vietnamese people. These people, in turn, learned to adapt the bread in their daily diet. This practice in fact went on long after the French people have gone. Then the Vietnamese, showing a somewhat symbolic display of freedom, gave their own twist to the baguette so as to baptize it with a “Vietnamese” taste.Historically, BanhMi is one of the most integral output of French colonial rule in the country.

With BanhMi having attained a historical significance that have woven itself within the tapestry of Vietnamese culture and heritage, there is no reason for one not to think that BanhMi is branded with the legitimate Vietnam badge. BanhMi, in itself, is not “just” a food, but an evidence of culture that was molded throughout decades.

BanhMi’shistory has definitely contributed to its popularity. It continues to become even more known in several parts of the world. You can get your BanhMiin Singapore just like you can if you were actually in Vietnam. Thanks to Vietnam, a lot of people have satiated their stomachs and also maintained a healthy lifestyle because of the healthy ingredients in this dish.