Synthetic ways to supplement HGH


As the natural ways take longer time, body builders and athletes look for synthetic supplements of HGH. Supplements of HGH are available in Pills form and as injections. Both pills and injections release amino acids to increase HGH in body. Pills are easy to take. Whereas injections need to be taken in proper dose and may cause some infections. People may either take injections on their own or might be required to visit the doctor for their dose. They also come with some side effects and hence a prescription is required to buy a HGH injection. Hence, many people prefer taking pills.

Why do body builders prefer HGH?

After puberty, the rate at which new cells are grown decreases and all one can do is increasing their size by diet and exercise. However, the use HGH can help to grow more muscle cells. It also helps in synthesis of protein. It helps to get leaner and not to lose muscle mass during the cutting cycle. It also helps them by giving a relief from joint pains by increasing collagen levels and hence their workout becomes easy. It improves the bones density as well.

HGH can run on its own also. It works as an alternative to needles. This way, it takes up to 3-4 months to see visible results. Hence a continuous intake of 4-6 months is recommended in this type of cycle. This cycle gives dramatic results of fat loss and good muscle gain.


Growth hormone triggers growth in childhood who has slow release of this hormone or for people who had suffered damage to the part of brain in the pituitary glands. Pituitary is one of the important glands located in the brain after Hypothalamus. It is pea-sized and located at the base of the brain. If there is a decline or the necessity of growth hormone for older people, doctors prescribe synthetic hormones. These synthetic hormones come in various forms such as tablets, pills, creams, sprays and injections. However, among all of these, the injections are most effective. Growth hormone deficiency can be caused byvarious factors, such as weakness, long term illness of body, benign tumour to pituitary gland or any kind of radiation therapies.

The growth hormonal injections can be used by adults to increase their endurance levels, capacity of body resistance, increase bone density and muscle mass, decrease of body fat and faster recovery from workout stress. It is also approved to treat people with AIDS or HIV related diseases. The symptoms of growth hormone deficiency like decreased muscle strength, depression, fatigue, osteoporosis, hair loss and delayed puberty can be treated by physicians and people can opt for synthetic growth hormone medications. However, these can be naturally increased too with the aids of regular high intensity cardio exercises, liver detox, L- arginine, L-glutamine and nutritious diet.

The benefits of using HGH are

The bone density of the individual is increased. As one ages the reduction will cause osteoporosis, which is a painful condition.

The muscle mass increase can be seen, these gains through the increased protein synthesis that take place because of the induced HGH hormone.

As the body picks up muscle, the body fat is burned away.